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Leading by Example

Elected officials come into office with a vast array of expertise, and varying degrees of political, legislative or parliamentary experience. 


Sharon enjoys working with elected officials, especially those new to office, to maximize their effectiveness as representatives working for their communities, developing their skills in communication, legislation, and parliamentarianism. Her experience is an asset to those in representative leadership roles at every level of government.

Legislation &
Policy Development

Before entering Cabinet, Sharon accomplished something unprecedented in the Manitoba Legislature; she crafted two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation as a backbencher: The Service Animal Protection Act and Amendments to The Residential Tenancy Act, which allowed victims of domestic violence and stalking to end their leases and move to safety.


As the Minister's Assistant on Tenant Issues, and later in her roles as the Legislative Assistant to the Ministers of Family Services, Culture, and Health Living, Sharon gained extensive experience with policy and program development before her time as a Cabinet Minister.


Sharon works with elected officials and their staff sharing her experience and insight to foster effective and impactful policy development and legislative change.

Government Leader

Cabinet appointments and other changes in legislative and parliamentary stature and responsibility do not occur in a vacuum.


Sharon's experience in Manitoba's unprecedented four-term government, initially as a rookie in a seat that had never been held by the government of the day, rising up through her legislative, parliamentary, and community work to become the Minister of Health in a time of healthcare and political crisis provided her with unique insight and perspective on navigating political and government dynamics.


The insight Sharon has garnered from her Cabinet roles and relationships is beneficial to those in elected office, especially those seeking, or recently arrived in key leadership roles. 

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