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Mental Healthcare


Governments, organizations, and healthcare systems globally are encountering increasing costs related to rising demands for mental health services.


As Minister of Healthy Living, and later as Minister of Health, Sharon worked with medical, therapeutic, and front-line professionals, guided by growing research and evidence-based practices, to provide preventative services and treatments, along with supporting those currently experiencing mental health challenges.


Her experience and insight help organizations in the changing environment of mental health care and services.


Sharon's interdisciplinary graduate work and teaching experience also informs her perspective, along with her ongoing work with organizations on the front-lines of providing mental health services.


Her familiarity with the significance of mental health in individual, organizational, and societal wellbeing ranges from classroom to boardroom, and her passion is to work with organizations to create meaningful and sustainable change in workplace mental health.


Sharon's expertise in mental health is not limited to her academic, medical, and governmental experience in prevention, treatment, and system change. While Health Minister, she went public with her lived experience of mental health diagnoses, to demonstrate that those with lived experience can live productive and successful lives, and are assets to business, government, and system change when at decision-making tables.


She provides unique insight to organizations that seek better understanding, integration, and practice of effective mental health policies and programming for the benefit of individuals and their teams. Her passion for mental health education and empowerment led Sharon to create accessible and empowering pop-culture based mental health programs under her Speak Up brand, which she shares with medical, corporate, and international audiences. 

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