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Legislative Leadership

Sharon's legislative leadership before becoming a Minister, resulted in two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation: The Service Animal Protection Act (2009) and amendments to The Residential Tenancies Act (2011) allowing for early termination of leases by victims of domestic violence and stalking, those experiencing accessibility issues from a change in health status, and Canadian Forces members being relocated or deployed.


She chaired the Legislative Review Committee, which oversees the drafting, review, and introduction of all government legislation in Manitoba. 


Her understanding of legislative processes and ability to work across government departments, and with law enforcement, community stakeholders, and private and non-profit sectors is an asset to organizations seeking insight to these process.

Engaged Parliamentarian

Beyond legislative work, elected officials need to work together across jurisdictions, and Sharon participated in various parliamentary organizations, working with Canadian, US, and international colleagues.


She was Manitoba's representative on the Education and Environmental Committees of the Council of State Governments Midwestern Legislative Conference (CGS-MLC) and President of the Manitoba section of l'Assemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie (APF).


Through APF she collaborated with Louisiana and their adoption of Manitoba's French Immersion programming to revitalize French language usage and education. Her roles in these organizations provides her with insight to multi-jurisdictional issues and challenges for private organizations, and government bodies. 

Ministerial Insight

After developing legislative and parliamentarian leadership capacities, Sharon was appointed to Cabinet. Her earlier invitation to participate in the Healthy Child and Indigenous Issues Cabinet Committees, gave her the experience needed with her increased Ministerial duties on these committees.


Her responsibility for 46% of the provincial budget meant that she played a key role on these and the additional senior committees to which she was appointed: the Treasury Board Labour Secretariat, and Priorities and Planning.


Her participation in Ministerial Federal-Provincial-Territorial meetings with fellow Health Ministers and with intergovernmental organizations like the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, kept her in constant contact with various levels of government on a variety of key political issues within, and beyond, the Health portfolio.


Her insight into budgetary processes, strategic planning, interdepartmental and multi-jurisdictional collaboration and engagement, is beneficial to the government bodies and private organizations that she engages with.

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