General Healthcare


Overseeing a $6 billion budget, requiring the foresight to ensure long-term sustainability while maintaining agility to respond to emerging healthcare issues, is not experience many people have, much less doing so in the political spotlight. Sharon's experience in two cabinet portfolios, including her time as Health Minister, where she oversaw 46% of Manitoba's provincial budget, has given her experience and insight beneficial to organizations wanting better understanding of the workings of government, policy development, legislative agendas, and healthcare systems.


In addition to political and governmental experience, Sharon's earlier career as an academic, with her graduate research and teaching in the areas of nursing, social work, feminist, and Indigenous studies, means that she has a broad perspective. Her capacity to help organizations find solutions is grounded in the capacity to take a multi-perspective approach to understand and derive value from data, systems analysis, and provide organizations with insightful and innovative solutions.


Moving from the rigours of academic research and pedagogy, Sharon applied these learnings to inform her relationship with stakeholders, departmental staff, and medical professionals, developing evidence-based, front-line informed policies and programming. As a life-long learner, she continues to integrate her unique professional experiences into results-oriented performance for her clients and business partners.