Sharon's experience in government leadership invoked the idea of an executive mentoring program. Giving other leaders the opportunity to access Sharon's insight and experience. We work best when we understand ourselves, our goals, dreams, and challenges. This very personal growth process is facilitated when supported and mentored by someone who understands our challenges, experiences, and perspectives. Sharon works with leaders in public and private organizations to reach their personal and professional goals drawing from her own challenges and accomplishments to build empathy, connection, and trust.


We each have our own way of seeing the world and how we construct our personal story, which shapes how we approach life, relationships, and professional development. Working with leaders to examine their perspectives and identify how their story shapes them, Sharon empowers them to explore alternate narrative perspectives from which to draw inspiration for new directions and levels of success.


Sharon's professional successes have not happened without challenges on various fronts, including being a survivor of domestic violence and cancer while living through a variety of mental health experiences. Her own journey, and her training in Peer Support, Emotional Intelligence, and various therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, inform her mentoring style, which recognizes the importance of mental health and wellbeing to personal growth and professional success.