About Sharon

Sharon’s career began as an academic, with interdisciplinary competencies driving her graduate research for her MA and PhD, while informing her curriculum development and teaching. Her competencies were further enhanced when she was elected into the Manitoba Legislature and crafted two pieces of first-in-Canada legislation before being appointed a cabinet minister.


As Minister of Healthy Living, she focused on community collaboration in expanding preventative programs, establishing AFFIRM food security in Northern Manitoba, and supporting grassroots mental health organizations. Later as Minister of Health, she oversaw a $6B budget, worked with mental health activists, leadership, and frontline providers to improve responsiveness and support for those in crisis, and their families. She implemented recommendations from the Brian Sinclair Inquiry findings on systemic racism in healthcare, stressing the need to meet people where they are, and with dignity and respect.


Sharon worked with stakeholders, departments, and front-line healthcare providers demonstrating interpersonal and systems analysis competencies, and agility in addressing issues management and strategic planning. Her extensive involvement in the mental health sector also provided unique insights into how to better reform mental health and healthcare policy through the lens of lived experience. Sharon provides expertise to organizations of all sizes within the private, public, and government sectors at various capacities that include: mentoring, consulting, group facilitation, legislation and policy development, and public speaker.

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