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Since her time as both Minister of Healthy Living and Minister of Health for the Province of Manitoba, Sharon has enjoyed working with organizations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Sharing her experience and expertise, she has helped them find solutions in programming, policy, communications, and leadership, across a variety of sectors including social welfare, housing, healthcare, mental health, and government relations. 



Insight and experience in healthcare policy, service delivery, budget creation, review, and implementation,

issues management, and 

healthcare labour issues.

General Healthcare

Mentoring for emotional 

intelligence with a mental health perspective, empowering leaders to foster mentally healthy and neurodiverse environments. 


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Mental Healthcare

Expert guidance on policy, programming, implementation, and benefits packages with expertise in peer support, harm reduction and empowering lived experience models.

"Effectively addressing Mental Health is imperative to bending the Healthcare cost curve."

Mental Healthcare

Guidance and insight on establishing and enhancing relationships with government entities and elected officials.

Public Speaking
& Facilitation

Informative, engaging presentations on governance, healthcare, mental health and well-being. Let us know what your teams wants to know!

Public Speaking
& Facilitation
Government Leadership

Policy, programming, implementation, issues management, organizational culture, including training and orientation for newly elected  government officials.

"Sharon understands the complexity of  government departments and how to foster productive relationships with their political and civil service leadership."
- John Stinson,
"Sharon’s extensive experience as a mental health advocate and her work as the Minister of Health played a massive role in the development of our innovative Harm Reduction Project. We are elated with the outcomes she has helped us achieve and look forward to our next project together."
- Barkley Engel,
CEO, Turning Leaf

"Thank you for an inspiring leadership presentation  – Everyone in the audience was singing your praises!  Your talk was engaging and relatable. 

I highly recommend Sharon as a speaker and presenter to any group!"

-Karen Cormier,

Director of Monthly Programs, PMI Manitoba

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